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Goð Jól!

This year Jól starts today, December 21st 2017. Jól lasts for three nights* starting at the winter solstice. So, this time December 24 will be the first day of the new year - this date is not celebrated, and neither is the 25th, as these dates are just ordinary dates; not significant in any way.

The traditional greeting is simply a new year toast/greeting, meaning something akin to "live long and peacefully", literally "for (the) year and peace". In Iceland it is still a common new years greeting. Here it is:

Til árs ok friðar

(read on...)

2017.12.21 15:37

Rikke Hulstrøm efterlyses

Jeg har mistet både adresse og telefonnr til Rikke Hulstrøm. Kender du Rikke, så vis hende lige denne side, på forhånd mange tak.

2017.11.08 20:41

Photo(bucket) problems

Just a heads up to tell y'all that my image host has decided to insult both you and me, by barring me from showing my own photos on my own web site. They now charge $400 for that. I'm furious, and I no longer recommend their service. On the contrary I need an alternative.

Whatever you do, do not use They used to be the best once upon a time, but now they're no good anymore, sadly. They didn't just go from "best" to "second-best", they went directly to the bottom, alienating and outright insulting their users. In business this usually is the path to bankruptcy. Let them burn.

2017.09.28 19:27

I need a photo host - can you help?

Re-post: I need a photo host to store a double-digit number of gigabytes worth of photos. I will pay. I am looking to establish a business relationship lasting years, literally. Likely at least a decade.

2017.08.18 11:03

New section: Collage

The new section holds collages (of course) but not just the traditional kind; my "paperwork" paintings (the vowen ones) have also been transferred to this section. Actually there are more of these than "traditional" collages.

Before this change my "paperwork" used to be in the Painting section. Now the "Painting" section has paintings of a more "traditional" kind while the more experimental works are in "Collage" or "Mixed". See for yourself: Collage. Enjoy.

2016.12.17 15:25

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