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Site category changes

New sub-categories:
Painting: Striped paintings
Graphics: Endless knots, Patterns

Categories "Photo" and "Publishing" are closed: articles have been moved to "Other".

2018.05.04 19:31

Photo(bucket) problems

Just a heads up to tell y'all that my image host has decided to insult both you and me, by barring me from showing my own photos on my own web site. They now charge $400 for that. I'm furious, and I no longer recommend their service. On the contrary I need an alternative.

2017.09.28 19:27

I need a photo host - can you help?

Re-post: I need a photo host to store a double-digit number of gigabytes worth of photos. I will pay. I am looking to establish a business relationship lasting years, literally. Likely at least a decade.

2017.08.18 11:03

New site gallery

The Site Gallery has just been upgraded to a new version. For easy access, use the first link at the top of the page. There is already a brand new gallery section up, presenting Graphic works. More new sections are planned to follow.

PS: The RSS News feed now works again.

2014.01.30 01:54

New web site up

In case you failed to notice, a new version of this web site has just been launched.

2010.10.05 03:39

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