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NOTE: Missing images!

I am deleting my Photobucket account. For this reason most images on this site will disappear temporarily. They will return to this site.

2018.08.12 12:28 in Site Info

Site category changes

New sub-categories:
Painting: Striped paintings
Graphics: Endless knots, Patterns

Categories "Photo" and "Publishing" are closed: articles have been moved to "Other".

2018.05.04 19:31 in Site Info

I need a photo host - can you help?

I need a photo host to store a double-digit number of gigabytes worth of photos. I will pay. I am looking to establish a business relationship lasting years, literally. Likely at least a decade.

2017.08.18 11:03 in Site Info

New site gallery

The Site Gallery has just been upgraded to a new version. For easy access, use the first link at the top of the page. There is already a brand new gallery section up, presenting Graphic works. More new sections are planned to follow.

PS: The RSS News feed now works again.

2014.01.30 01:54 in Site Info

New web site up

In case you failed to notice, a new version of this web site has just been launched.

2010.10.05 03:39 in Site Info

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