... kiss my Contemporary Ars (this, too, shall pass)


You may have met me as a photographer or seen my photo work somewhere. So, a page about my photography seems appropriate.

When I started publishing here my photo work was published elsewhere on the Internet, so I did not want to publish it here as well. However, the site gallery still holds some early photos that are not found elsewhere.


Most of my work is "creative urban photography". All my work is digital. I exhibit rarely or not at all, except for on the Internet.

For family and friends I sometimes do "traditional photography". I only do these kinds of jobs by personal recommendation or by reference from a person I know, you can't book me.


From 2006 to 2012-13 I roamed the streets documenting Street Art and Graffiti in Copenhagen. I hope to become able to make all of these (thousands of) photos public somehow.

Since 2007 I am the official event photographer for the Copenhagen Body Extremes Suspension Team (B.E.S.T.). For photos, please see You may also be able to find photos on Instagram.


I generally do not post photos of people on the Internet due to privacy concerns.

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