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You might have met me as a photographer or seen my photo work somewhere. However, on these pages you will mostly find other types of work. So, a page about my photography seems appropriate. But first, read this:

I need a photo host - can you help?


Most of my work is "creative urban photography". All my work is digital. I exhibit rarely or not at all, except for on the Internet.

For family and friends I sometimes do "traditional photography". I only do these kinds of jobs by personal recommendation or by reference from a person I know, you can't book me.


From 2006 to 2012-ish I have been documenting Street Art and Graffiti in Copenhagen. I hope to become able to make all of these photos public somehow.

Since 2007 I am the official event photographer for the Copenhagen Body Extremes Suspension Team (B.E.S.T.). For photos, please see


I generally do not post photos of people on the Internet due to privacy concerns.

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