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Physical photo-manipulation, 2013

Here, 26 years later I have sliced up six small photos, and interwoven them:

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"Untitled". 2013. Wowen photographic paper. 2x 15x10cm, 14x9cm.

2013.06.14 20:52

Physical photo-manipulation, 1987

On-going for the past 26 years so far, I started this evolving (or "developing", as it is) piece up sometime in 1987.

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"Shattered memories". 1987-ongoing. Un-developed photographic paper. 30x20cm.

Two pieces of photograpcic paper with different exposure, glued onto each other. One is already fully developed, hence black. The other is slowly turning black.

2013.06.14 19:53

Kløvermarken by night

Unedited night photo. Hand held camera on a rainy night:

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Kløvermarken At Night. Photo. Copenhagen, 2011.

2011.12.03 07:27

Dumpster Love

Scene from a dumpster in Copenhagen; Nordhavn, June 2011.

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Untitled 2011-06. Photo. Copenhagen, 2011.

2011.11.01 23:32

Red, Yellow, Blue

Scene from an underground Copenhagen jazz club.

Photo. Click for bigger size.
"Red, Yellow, Blue". Photo. Copenhagen, 2011.

2011.10.11 02:18

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