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Sum of squares


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Untitled. Acrylics on paper, cardboard, tissue paper. Mounted on paper, cut up and interwoven. 2014. 70x50 cm.

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2014.03.13 21:48 in Woven paintings


Painting and weaving:

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"Passage". Acrylics, pastel, body print, coal, watercolour, crayons on paper (interwoven), on paper, 2014. 70x50 cm.

2014.03.13 21:34 in Woven paintings

Woven photo

Mixed media / photo / woven

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Untitled (fish head). 2013. Woven photographic paper. 29x44cm.

Two identical sheets of photographic paper interwoven, one in glossy finish and one matte.

2014.01.01 16:11 in Woven paintings

Physical photo-manipulation, 2013

Here, 26 years later I have sliced up six small photos, and interwoven them:

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Untitled. 2013. Woven photographic paper. 2x 15x10cm, 14x9cm.

2013.06.14 20:52 in Woven paintings

A woven painting V

Painting (woven):

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Untitled. 2013. Acrylics and paper on paper, interwoven. 80x60cm.

Three different paintings were discarded and cut-up to produce this one. Two of them first painted, dissolved in water, dried, put under pressure for a week, and mounted on a seperate sheet of paper.

2013.05.17 22:09 in Woven paintings