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The real red-nosed reindeer

Painting, conceptual/expressionist:
Updated 2018-02-24: rewritten and extended
Updated 2018-02-25: a deer came by ...

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Untitled (work-in-progress, state 2). Acrylics on specially treated paper. 2018 (wip). 69x50cm

This is "The red nosed reindeer", aka "The Real Rudolph", which is not the Disney version. If it looks somewhat disconcerting it's intended. This creature is not supposed to be pleasant looking...

This is the "before" image. Often I like to show unfinished work and process images, in stead of showing only a finished result. I like the state 1 image just as much as I like state 2.

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Untitled (work-in-progress, state 1)

The detailed and accurate explanation of the entire Rudolph myth that I had written here is gone. It disappeared as instantly and as consequential as a light green spring leaf on a tree, being eaten by a deer.

Many cultures have deer myths or myths mentioning deer. This page being accessible all over the world; you may find that your own culture has deer myths too. It is not possible for me to even provide a guess as to what culture the Rudolph character may have belonged to originally, if any. He may even be an amalgam (a "mash-up") of one or more of the ancient myths from around the world.

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