Kiss my Contemporary Ars (this, too, shall pass)

Stripes in red and orange (st. 5)

Painting: striped paintings. WIP.
updated 2019-04-21: now two versions / diptych

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"Orange and red stripes on white" (2x wip, state 5). Acrylics on paper, cut up and mounted on paper, then manipulated, soaked in coffee, and mounted on coloured paper. Afterwards cut up again and mounted on heavy paper. Last, cut in half, perforated, and background paper cut away. 2017-2019. (2x) ~40x32cm

Some readers may recognize these. Read on for the derived perforation maps (~state 5.5)

Click for bigger size. Click for bigger size.
Map of perforations on above. Perforated heavy paper, permanent marker. 2019. ~40x32cm

2019.04.21 17:44 in Striped paintings

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