Every wave is new until it breaks

Birch in winter

Painting / Collage:

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Untitled. Acrylics on paper, on paper. 2015. 71x57 cm.

2015.07.18 20:53 in Striped paintings

Birch forest

Painting/paperwork: Birch forest theme:

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Untitled. Acrylics on sliced and glued specially treated paper. 2015. 78x79 cm.

2015.03.20 13:43 in Striped paintings

Left-overs 3

Painting: Even more paperwork:

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"Untitled". Acrylics on paper on paper, 2014. 70x50 cm.

2014.02.21 00:26 in Striped paintings

Dissolved painting IV

Technically, this is number 4 in the "Dissolving the painting"-series, but it also has an individual topic/subject/idea besides that of the series:

Updated 2013-04-12: Now with process photos.

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"Samsara Sweet Samsara". 2013. Acrylics and paper on paper. 80x60cm.

2013.04.12 00:52 in Striped paintings

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