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Compound collab

Painting, concrete/striped: Now with guest artist.
Updated 2018-11-02: New photo.

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Untitled (feat. Astrid Randrup). Acrylics, ballpoint pen on manipulated paper, cut up, reassembled, and mounted on heavy cardboard-like paper. 2018. Around DIN A2 size

Read on for explanation ...

Guest artist explained: Astrid made an A3 size painting and turned it over to me. I soaked it in water, curled it up into a ball, untangled it, cut it into stripes (and did the exact same thing with an A3 size painting of my own). Then, I assembled the stripes from each of the two paintings and glued them onto a single piece of A2 size paper.

2018.10.31 22:04 in Striped paintings

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