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Quick portrait sketches in Acrylics

Most of the paintings I do are several weeks -- if not months, or sometimes even years -- underway. So, as an experiment I have taken up a challenge; doing quick "live" portrait sketches in acrylic paint. Here, "sketches" means just that, sketches. Here are the two most recent ones:

Click for bigger size. Click for bigger size.
Portrait sketches II & III. Acrylics on paper. 2012. Size around 50x40cm.

Click to see a larger size photo, and read on for more.

All portraits are painted after a living model. The model does not know that s/he is being painted, which means that s/he is constantly moving. There is no initial pencil sketch, no reference photos, no help whatsoever.

All colours are mixed from the three primary colours at the moment of use, meaning mixed with the brush immediately before applying them to the paper. For the sketches I've done sofar, only one brush was used. And a glass of water.

The portraits aren't "picture perfect" as the models do move a lot - it's common that they're absent and change position during the "sitting" - but then, these are quick sketches, not full scale portrait paintings.

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