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Bad bad watercolour, bad

Painting / watercolour: Practice/experiment (this is not a portrait).

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Untitled ("female face with a very long nose")
Watercolour practice / study. 2019. ~DIN A4 size

Bear with me for publishing this as it does indeed look "wrong". However, anatomically correctness or similarity to any person was not the purpose. This was painted upside-down inspired by a randomly selected reference photo (google search for "face" or similar) -- using no initial sketch and no outline nor any other types of help/aides/tools.

2019.09.14 14:43 in Painting

Sakura recollections

Painting/concrete ... with a little iridescence

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"Ghost of Sakura past". Acrylics, iridescent paint, and permanent marker on manipulated non-bleached paper, mounted on heavy structured paper. 2019. 42x30cm.

The iridescence is visible only as your eyes move relative to the painting, hence it is not visible on the photo (it is an effect that can not be photographed).

2019.09.14 13:42 in Painting

Watercolour practice

Painting / watercolour:

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Watercolour practice / study. 2019. 24x29cm

I'm in the process of (re-)discovering watercolour. Of course I've used it before, but rarely. Mostly for special effects, details, colouring of prints, etc. I'm starting to explore it a little more. This is nothing special, just a practice piece / a sketch after some book.

2019.09.06 16:12 in Painting

Two dolmens

Painting / watercolour / study: Two dolmens, painted from imagination

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Untitled (study for a print)
Watercolour. 2019. A3 size

This was painted from imagination, inspired by Kongsøhøv Passage grave aka "Kongstrup Jættestue" (photos).

2019.08.31 14:38 in Painting

House sparrow

Painting / drawing. Another version of those that were for sale a week ago. This one is not for sale.

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"Gråspurv (Passer Domesticus)".
Permanent marker and ink on manipulated paper. 2019. ~A3

2019.06.19 20:07 in Painting