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Like a jungle

Painting/conceptual: Letters/writing.

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Untitled. Acrylics and ink on manipulated paper. 2019. ~A3 size

Read on for "before" photo with clear gray background...

2019.05.11 11:40 in Painting

Self portrait in the dark

Painting/study (WIP): This is an experiment in painting techniques.

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Untitled (study, wip).
Acrylics on manipulated paper, mounted on manipulated grey paper. 2018- (wip - state 9). 36x48cm

Read on for info and photos of previous states...

2019.05.11 09:47 in Painting


Painting / collaboration

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Untitled collaboration (WIP - state 2, "joker")
Acrylics on heavy cardboard-like paper. April 2019.

Measurements to follow. Read on for background...

2019.05.03 19:23 in Painting

Learning from van Gogh

Painting/study (wip)

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Untitled study ("The Sower", 1888. WIP - state 4).
Acrylics on canvas. 2019 (wip). 70x60 cm (canvas size)

Read on for interesting story and references ...

2019.05.03 19:11 in Painting

An imaginary scene (state 4)

Painting, abstract/expressionist (WIP): Process photos:

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Untitled (WIP). Acrylics, coffee, paper strips, ink on manipulated heavy paper. 2017- (wip, state "4"). 240x120 cm

Click image for large size, or read on for photos of previous states.

2019.05.01 18:29 in Painting

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