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I Walk The Streets At Night

Known to some readers by the working title "Urban Shapes", my first "real" painting of 2013 was finished today:

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"I Walk The Streets At Night (With A Cat In A Bag)". 2013. Acrylics on masonite. 75x60 cm.

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2013.02.21 23:07 in Painting

Dissolved painting II

Updated 2013-02-22: Another one from the "Dissolving the painting"-series.

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Untitled. 2013. Acrylics, ink, permanent marker, and paper on paper. 80x60cm.

This one is composed of three layers of paper - read on...

2013.02.20 22:39 in Painting

Diptych with Black and Orange

Here's the second study/draft for "Diptych with Black and Orange"... this time on canvas.

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"Diptych with Black and Orange II". 2013. Acrylics on canvas. 2x 20x20cm.

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2013.02.01 03:16 in Painting

Flying Ant Island

Once a year, ants fly. It's usually the same day all over the country.

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"Flying Ant Island". 2012. Acrylics on paper.79x55.5 cm.

Click for larger image and read on for story and detail shot.

2012.12.16 20:55 in Painting

Quick portrait sketches in Acrylics

Most of the paintings I do are several weeks -- if not months, or sometimes even years -- underway. So, as an experiment I have taken up a challenge; doing quick "live" portrait sketches in acrylic paint. Here, "sketches" means just that, sketches. Here are the two most recent ones:

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Portrait sketches. Acrylics on paper. 2012. Size around 50x40cm.

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2012.12.02 00:35 in Painting