Every wave is new until it breaks

Lunch in the dark


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Untitled. Acrylics on heavy paper. 2016. Measurements T.B.D.

This painting har not yet found its final format. I think it should become rectangular, but the current "undefined" shape is interesting as well. For that reason, measurements are "to be determined". Currently the longest side measures around 80-90cm, I think.

The coloured lines bottom right in the photo are not part of the painting.

Title: Not inspired by, and not a paraphrase either, but still: Hat tip to Édouard Manet. And, actually to Claude Monet as well, although at this moment I can't point to a specific painting of his that would have a similar ambience/expression/rhytm as this painting.

2016.09.15 15:02 in Painting


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