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Learning from van Gogh

Painting/study (wip)

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Untitled study ("Sower With Setting Sun", 1888. State 1).
Acrylics on canvas. 2019 (wip). Size to follow

The above was painted using fingers, not a brush. Read on for interesting story and references ...

Vincent van Gogh made several paintings featuring a/the sower, this is a study of one of them. It is not a finished painting, and it may not even develop into one - the purpose of a study is to experience and "learn by doing", not to produce a finished "product". I may want to work more on this study - as it is now I've barely started. Still, this is Vincents painting, not mine.

This painting exists in at least two near-identical versions: one has the bottom edge of the setting sun just above the horizon, the other has the bottom edge below the horizon. Otherwise they are nearly identical.

I do not own any of the originals, so I had to use photo references for the study. Please see photo below:

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Study references and pencil sketch ("Sower With Setting Sun", 1888.)

As far as I can tell the two colour images on the photo above are photos of the same version of this painting; that version which I am doing a study of, in which the bottom edge of the sun is above the horizon. Still, they are remarkably different!

First, look at the colour of the sky... see any difference? Well, one is green, the other orange. Red tones in the sky in one image have turned into white clouds in the other. And the field to the right is blue in one painting and lilac/violet in the other.

Also, one painting is higher than the other, the sower's knees is only visible in the bottom painting, and so is the space between the two top branches of the foreground tree.

Still, these are two photos of the exact same painting, not two versions of the same painting. The difference lies in photo equipment quality, as well as light. These are the sort of problems you will run into when trying to use images from the internet. They just can't be trusted.

What this amounts to is that I have absolutely no idea about the true colour values from the original painting. Which makes this study a very hard one to do, as Vincent van Gogh's paintings are all about colour.

Also, I have no idea about the format/dimensions of the original. I could easily research this but I have deliberately chosen not to. The canvas I chose is a recycled canvas, and the format of it is more quadratic than the original painting meaning that there is "surplus space/room left" at the bottom, and at the top.

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