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Jade plant

Painting: Watercolour:

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"Jade plant in Jar". Watercolour and Pencil on coloured paper (not acid-free). 2011. A4 size

I recently discovered this watercolour from 2011. It was made on coloured paper which unfortunately wasn't acid free or light stable so it has darkened somewhat. I do like the dark paper tone - the paper decay works well here (sofar)

(Note: I possibly added ink for the black parts, I do not recall).

While I rarely use watercolour I still like it. I don't use it much as you need some minimum amount of equipment like multiple otherwise similar brushes, several glasses of water that must be exchanged regularly, etc. So, some preparation is necessary first.

The above is actually a very quick pencil sketch that was later hand coloured using watercolour. That is one way that the spontanous and "light" creative act may be combined with the more planned and involved process of watercolour.

2021.06.16 12:18 in Painting

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