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I Hart Deer

Painting (WIP): study (process update)

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"Hart on Vincent's chair mosaic" (study, WIP, state 3).
Acylics on permanent marker on paper. 2018- (WIP). ~70x50cm

This is state 3, read on for state 2 photo and brief discussion.

I am not a biologist, but I think this deer may be of the species "Red Deer". Some anatomical details had to be adjusted as the original reference material was bad quality, and the Red Deer was the type I thought looked most like this one, so I based the changes on better quality Red Deer references.

Of course the colours used here are not the colours that the deer has "in real life". This is a study, not a portrait. It is basically intended for experiments, eg tests of techniques and effects.

For initial reference I used a "CC-0" image from a "stock photo" website. It seemed like this image was used on hundreds of different web sites. I tried to find the name of the creator of the image in order to give credit, but I had no luck.

State Two

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(state 2)

As this is a study it may develop further (and perhaps develop into a painting), but then it may also become discarded or destroyed in order to use it for something else. Time will show.

2018.06.29 21:00 in Painting


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