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I Hart Deer

Painting (WIP): study

Click for bigger size.
"Hart on Vincent's chair mosaic" (study, WIP, state 2).
Acylics on permanent marker on paper. 2018- (WIP). ~70x50cm

I am not a biologist, but I think this deer may be of the species "Red Deer". The colours used here are not the colours that the deer has "in real life". Also, some anatomical details are "wrong", partly because of poor reference material quality, partly because this study has been used to test effects for the painting "Red-nosed reindeer" (although this particular deer is not a reindeer the two deer types are not to far apart to test effects for one type on the other type)

This is state two. Around 4-5 hours of work in total. For reference I used a "CC-0" image from a "stock photo" website. I tried to find the creator of the image in order to give credit, but I had no luck.

As this is a study it may develop further (and perhaps develop into a painting), but then it may also become discarded or destroyed in order to use it for something else. Time will show.

2018.04.25 21:37


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