Every wave is new until it breaks

How use doth breed a habit

Updated 2014-01-17: New photo

Yes, it's broken. Yes, it's supposed to be:

Click for bigger size.
"Untitled". Acrylics on conditioned paper. 100x70cm.

As always, you may click the image to see a larger version. Or, read on...

The paper (ie. the painting) has had multiple rounds of conditioning, and as such it breaks easily.

The palette (almost) matches the three latest paintings I've published pictures of. Also, white is a big part of all four.

The latter is a deliberate choice as I'm aiming for a "light"-ish ambience in the expression to match (or contrast) the more or less heavily manipulated paper the paint sits on.

Post title credits: William Shakespeare ("Two Gentlemen of Verona") - as usual I can't conceive of a suitable title for the painting. Feel free to suggest one.

2013.12.19 23:41 in Painting


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