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Bad bad watercolour, bad

Painting / watercolour: Practice/experiment (this is not a portrait).

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Untitled ("female face with a very long nose")
Watercolour practice / study. 2019. ~DIN A4 size

Bear with me for publishing this as it does indeed look "wrong". However, anatomically correctness or similarity to any person was not the purpose. This was painted upside-down inspired by a randomly selected reference photo (google search for "face" or similar) -- using no initial sketch and no outline nor any other types of help/aides/tools. I deliberately made it as hard to do as possible, save for using a blindfold and restricting my movement.

Apologies for the blue tint of the photo. What you see as very light blue (eg in the top left corner) is actually pure white. Energy-saving lamps in the studio have a blue light tone and this tone was transferred to the photo. I did not bother to wait for daylight in order to take a new photo, and I did not correct it using photo software either, sorry.

This is an experiment/watercolour practice. The focus is technical: palette, wet/dry relative to wet/wet, light/shadow, and shaping/tonality using layers -- and on top of this; making "a picture", that is making complicated concepts such as "life", "expression", "sentiment" etc appear on a flat white surface using only a brush, water, and pigment.

So, even though this may look awfully much like those medieval frescoes that have all proportions and perspective totally wrong it was not really made "for presentation", rather "for practice". If it was intended as a portrait (which it is not) I would have made an extra effort with similarity and correctness.

As written in another post I am in the process of (re-)discovring watercolour. Of course I have used watercolour more than a few times (I think I may have used it for the first time some 40 years ago), but I have usually used it for colouring and fill-in - not for creating paintings from start to finish.

The watercolour painting process is very different from the process of eg painting with acrylics, drawing, etc (the stuff I do most). There are a lot of technicalities that one must know about and gain firsthand experience with in order to use the medium efficiently.

For this reason I decided to "break a few rules" with this painting. The more errors I make the more I learn, and eventually the better I get. Making it "easy" for myself implies less learning, so I tend to make my practice work hard to do (sometimes very much so -- eg in graphics -- but I'm not quite there with watercolour yet).

The positive thing about this -- considering that it is actually a quite nice painting; it has a nice expression/composition/palette -- is that this is probably about the worst I can do at this point with watercolour - IOW that I can certainly do better than this.

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