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Art Brut with Picasso's skull

Painting, abstract/naive/primitive (wip)
updated 2018-04-13: new photo

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Untitled (WIP, state 6). Acrylics on pencil sketches mounted on manipulated paper, mounted on manipulated paper. 2018. 58x41cm

Read on for photos of previous states.

These were 7 quick self portrait sketches drawn in pencil on separate sheets of paper (state 1). Cut out and mounted on specially treated paper, then painted over using acrylics. State 2+3 was painted using fingers only. For state 4, a brush was also used (sparingly). State 5 was painted with fingers, brush, sponge, and a small piece of fabric/cloth.

Previous states

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(state 5)

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(state 4)

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(state 3)

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(state 2)

This may be seen as an "Art Brut" experiment.

2018.03.22 22:15 in Painting


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