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Antique painting, preview (3)

Painting (wip, and antique): Process update, part 3

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Untitled (W.I.P). Acrylics and book pages on canvas. 2015. 100x120 cm.

This is the third work-in-progress preview.

This is being painted on a recycled cheap canvas. It was a bit too loose for my liking, so I glued paper (book pages) onto it to stabilize:

One book from 1893: "Writings of Captain Marryat" (author unknown), in Danish, with gothic lettering. Unfortunately I had only half of the book (it was broken), so there was not enough pages to cover the whole canvas.

So, that part of the painting is, by definition (100 years plus,) antique.

Second book (the darker, lower part) is a Western short story pocketbook from 1960: "The Tigers From Texas", by John Lawrence.

I will work on this for at least some months (starting March 2015). Previous images:

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Untitled (W.I.P). Previous states.

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