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Portrait: Hans Christian Kofoed (wip - state 7)

Painting/portrait: Layered painting method (wip)

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"Hans Christian Kofoed" (WIP - state 7).
Acrylics on manipulated un-bleached paper. 2018- (wip). Around A3 size.

Note: This is still work-in-process (unfinished). Read on for process photos and information (long post) ...

2018.11.15 22:09 in Painting

So, there


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Untitled. Blue acrylics on coloured heavy paper. 2018. 19.6x26.2cm.

2018.11.10 21:28 in Painting

Blue on blue

Painting/concrete/non-figurative: A few experimental methods combined

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Untitled. Two different blue acrylics-in-water-solutions on paper. Paper manipulated and mounted on paper. 2018. 64x46cm.

The look of this may remind some readers of the "action painting" technique of Jackson Pollock fame. Read on...

2018.11.10 20:56 in Painting

Subtle silhouette


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Acrylics, ink, and permanent marker on manipulated paper. 2018. Around DIN A3 size

2018.10.26 21:54 in Painting

An imaginary landscape

Painting, abstract/concrete (WIP): Process photo:

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Untitled (WIP). Acrylics, coffee, paper strips, ink on manipulated heavy paper. 2017- (wip). 240x120 cm

Click image for large size, or read on for photo of the previous state.

2018.10.26 12:16 in Painting

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