... kiss my contemporary ars (this too shall pass)

Self portrait in the dark

Painting/study (WIP): Verdaccio, contrast (light/shadow, cold/warm), colour space...

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Untitled study /self portrait.
Acrylics on manipulated paper, mounted on manipulated grey paper. 2018-19 (wip - state 7). 36x48cm

This is an experiment in painting techniques. Read on for info and photos of previous states...

2019.02.20 20:38 in Painting

An imaginary scene

Painting, abstract/expressionist (WIP): Process photo:

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Untitled (WIP). Acrylics, coffee, paper strips, ink on manipulated heavy paper. 2017- (wip). 240x120 cm

Click image for large size, or read on for photo of the previous states.

2019.02.07 23:28 in Painting

Learning from van Gogh

Painting/study (wip)

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Untitled study ("The Sower", 1888. WIP - state 3).
Acrylics on canvas. 2019 (wip). 70x60 cm (canvas size)

Read on for interesting story and references ...

2019.02.07 23:21 in Painting


Painting / conceptual

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Acrylics on recycled canvas. 2019. ~40x50 cm

2019.01.31 21:30 in Painting



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Ink (3 types), coffee, Grenadine, blueberry juice on manipulated paper, mounted on cardboard. 2019. Size ~A3

2019.01.19 14:00 in Painting

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