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Architecture study - part IV (final)

Painting: This is the final part of the post Painting process (wip) following a painting being made session-by-session. And now, finished.

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"Architecture Study With Abstract Elements". 2012. Acrylics on masonite, 50x40 cm.

At the time of writing it has been finished for about two months. Read on for more process photos, and to read the last part of the story behind these 100+ hours of paint work...

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Architecture print

Graphics: An arcitecture study in linoleum. It may look familliar to some readers.

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Architecture study. Linoleum print (Two different prints). A4 size, 2012.

Both were made using sponge technique, the bicolour one (right) was made using two different lino boards as well.

2012.04.23 01:18 in Graphics

Reels: Bi-color triptych lino print

Graphics/linoleum: The three reels of a slot machine. With a twist, of course.

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Slot machine reels. Triptych bi-color linoleum print. 2012. A3 size.

Read on for process photos, and comments.

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Painting process - part III

Updated 2012-03-16, 2012-03-09, 2012-03-01, 2012-02-23.

This is part three of the post Painting process (wip) with more step-by-step photos.

58 hrs. Click for bigger size. 88 hrs. Click for bigger size.
From this... to that. In 30 hours (wip)

Here is Part I, and Part II. Read on to follow the progress:

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Kløvermarken by night

Unedited night photo. Hand held camera on a rainy night:

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Kløvermarken At Night. Un-edited photo. Copenhagen, 2011.

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