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Painting. Click for bigger size.
"Sunrise", 2011. Acrylics on paper, 58x84cm.

Painted with sponge, using 4 layers of masking tape. No tequila added.

2011.10.11 00:02 in Painting

Ant and ghosts: Lino prints

Some prints from recent linoleum cuts: These were done as a technical exercise, so the ghost scene and the ant were done mostly for the process, not for the final result. However, both turned out interesting, I think. Here are some pictures:

Linoleum print. Click for bigger size. Linoleum print. Click for bigger size.
Linoleum test prints. Click for bigger size.

More, and larger, pictures below

2011.09.19 00:24 in Graphics

Painting process (wip)

Updated 2011.09.17, 2011.09.23, and 2011.10.02: Now 8 photos.

Here is a series of photos of a painting, taken while I'm working on it. After each session I have taken a photo to document the process and to capture ideas for later work.

4 hrs. Click for bigger size. 26 hrs. Click for bigger size.
From this... to that. In 26 hours (untitled, wip)

Technical info: Acrylics on masonite, 50x40 cm. Brush, plastic fork, sponge, and pencil. The painting is done entirely freehand, ie. without drawing a sketch first.

2011.09.12 03:55 in Painting

3 x 15 minutes

A Music Trilogy: Three very different paintings, done in 45 minutes total. Each piece was inspired by a different type of music that played non-stop for 15 minutes while it was painted.

Click for bigger size. Click for bigger size. Click for bigger size.
3x15 minutes. 2011.Acrylics and oil crayons on coated paper. Various sizes.

2011.09.08 04:54 in Painting

Green Light

Painting: Theme "Green":

"Green Light". Acrylics on masonite. 75x60 cm. 2011.

Most -- if not all -- of the painting was painted with a sponge.

2011.09.04 03:17 in Painting