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Guy Fawkes Mask, lino print

Graphics: Just finished this linoleum print. Click to see large(r) size:

Click for bigger size.
"Person With Mask". 2012. Linoleum, 21x30cm (A4).

The colour is very dark umber, not black - read on for the story...

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Early works, dry point (1985)

Graphics: With the discovery of the two 27 year old linoleum prints I also discovered a set of three dry point prints from the same year.

Click for bigger size. Click for bigger size. Click for bigger size.
Three winter scenes. 1985. Dry point. Two are hand coloured. 24x33cm

The leftmost one is print only, while the two others are hand coloured using pastel crayons. Click photos to view large size.

2012.10.27 23:22 in Graphics

Early works, linoleum (1985)

Graphics. Just re-discovered these two linoleum prints I made some 27 years ago (click to view large size):

Click for bigger size. Click for bigger size.
Two untitled prints. 1985. Linoleum, 14x8cm & 28x9cm

These two prints are the only ones, and they will remain unique as the boards are long gone.

2012.10.27 21:58 in Graphics

Worlds Apart


Click for bigger size.
"Worlds Apart". 2012. Ink, acrylics, permanent marker, coffee on paper, 80x58 cm.

2012.10.25 22:50 in Painting

Star Tiles - miniature lino prints

Updated 2012-10-03.

Here's something a little different. A miniature linoleum print; no larger than 5x5 cm. This is the first of a series of miniature geometric star tiles.

Click for bigger size. Click for bigger size.
"Star Tile 1". 2012. Linoleum, (4x) 5x5 cm (in a two-by-to pattern).

Read on for a sneak preview of some more star tiles...

2012.09.19 20:14 in Patterns