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Diptych with black and orange

Updated 2014-04-24: This paper sketch no longer exist. It has been "recycled" and turned into another painting.

So, here is a sketch for a diptych painting, a diptych being a painting with two parts that go together:

Painting. Click for bigger size.
Untitled, 2011, WIP. Acrylics on paper. 2 x 35x35 cm

The two parts are intended to hang very close with only a minimum of framing, if any.

2011.11.12 01:17

Miniature lino-cuts

These new linoleum prints are very small:

Click for bigger size. Click for bigger size.
Untitled. Linoleum. 2011. 11x7 cm

See larger pictures below.

2011.11.11 01:47

Dumpster Love

Scene from a dumpster in Copenhagen; Nordhavn, June 2011.

Click for bigger size.
Untitled 2011-06. Photo. Copenhagen, 2011.

2011.11.01 23:32

Woodcut: Swan

Updated 2011-11-10: Here's a recent wood carving:

Linoleum print. Click for bigger size.
"Swan". Woodcut, 2011. 16x20 cm.

2011.11.01 23:13

Woman With Dog

New linoleum print: "Woman with dog".

"Woman with dog". 2011. Linoleum. 15x20cm

Click the photo to see larger size (you may have to click once more after the page change to see the full size photo).

2011.10.13 19:30