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Pattern components (wip)

Test print of 7 new miniature linoleum tiles designed for pattern work. Each tile measures only 2.5 by 2.5 cm (1x1 inch), half the size of my star tiles.

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"Test prints: Pattern components". 2013. Linoleum. (7x) 2.5x2.5cm.

To the left are the individual tiles in a vertical row, to the right each of them are repeated in groups of four, following a simple clockwise rotation rule.

2013.04.24 01:15 in Patterns

Dissolved painting IV

Technically, this is number 4 in the "Dissolving the painting"-series, but it also has an individual topic/subject/idea besides that of the series:

Updated 2013-04-12: Now with process photos.

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"Samsara Sweet Samsara". 2013. Acrylics and paper on paper. 80x60cm.

2013.04.12 00:52 in Striped paintings

Dissolved painting III

Number 3 in the "Dissolving the painting"-series:

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Untitled. 2013. Acrylics and paper on paper. 80x60cm.

2013.04.11 02:48 in Painting

A woven painting II

Another woven painting, this time with 2x2 cm squares.

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"Bread". 2013. Acrylics, and coal on paper (interwoven with paper). 80x60cm.

This was made from two very similar paintings. Click for larger size, or read on for the "before" image...

2013.04.11 01:43 in Woven paintings

The power of philosophy

Drawing: Light like a feather, heavy as lead;

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"Feather". 2013. Permanent marker on paper. 22x14cm.

2013.04.04 03:20 in Mixed media