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Reels: Bi-color triptych lino print

Updated 2012-02-28

Here's a new linoleum print: The three reels of a "one-armed bandit", or slot machine. With a twist, of course.

Click for bigger size.
Slot machine reels. Triptych bi-color linoleum print. 2012. A3 size.

Read on for process photos, and comments.

comments (1). 2012.02.23 00:47

Kløvermarken by night

Unedited night photo. Hand held camera on a rainy night:

Click for bigger size.
Kløvermarken At Night. Photo. Copenhagen, 2011.

2011.12.03 07:27

Diptych with black and orange

Updated 2014-04-24: This paper sketch no longer exist. It has been "recycled" and turned into another painting.

So, here is a sketch for a diptych painting, a diptych being a painting with two parts that go together:

Painting. Click for bigger size.
Untitled, 2011, WIP. Acrylics on paper. 2 x 35x35 cm

The two parts are intended to hang very close with only a minimum of framing, if any.

2011.11.12 01:17

Miniature lino-cuts

These new linoleum prints are very small:

Click for bigger size. Click for bigger size.
Untitled. Linoleum. 2011. 11x7 cm

See larger pictures below.

2011.11.11 01:47

Dumpster Love

Scene from a dumpster in Copenhagen; Nordhavn, June 2011.

Click for bigger size.
Untitled 2011-06. Photo. Copenhagen, 2011.

2011.11.01 23:32