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Ant invasion

Graphics (Intaglio, Dry Point): Ant motif revisited (WIP)

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Untitled (wip, state 1). Dry Point. Test print. 2017. 18x13 cm.

2017.11.06 18:50


Painting (Wowen/Paperwork):

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"Hand". Acrylics and ink on specially treated paper; cut up and intervowen. 2017. 70x50 cm.

2017.11.06 18:43

Rather rough

Graphics (Intaglio, Dry Point): Abstract

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Untitled. Dry Point. 2017. 18x13 cm.

2017.11.06 18:38



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"Khejarli in memoriam" (working title). Acrylics on manipulated tissue paper, mounted on paper. 2017. 70x50cm

Khejarli massacre

2017.11.06 18:28


Graphics (Intaglio, Dry Point): Small stilleben

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"Two bananas" (nature morte). Dry Point. 2017. 90x35 mm.

2017.11.06 18:19