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I Hart Deer

Painting and process photos.

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"Hart on Vincent's chair -mosaic (A Comment on Modern Painting)"
Acylics and permanent marker on paper; manipulated and mounted on grey paper. 2017-2018. ~80x55cm

Measurements are from memory. Read on for photos of previous states.

2018.09.28 12:11 in Painting

Wood carving, knot

Mixed media: Wood carving - process/technical discussion.

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Untitled (knot). Test carving, plywood. 2018 (WIP). ~7x7x2cm

Before you say so: The pattern may be nice but this is hardly even a wood carving: The carving job is almost nothing, its execution is terrible, and it looks awful! Read on for discussion...

2018.09.22 12:43 in Mixed media

Ahead of the leader

Painting/concrete, with quote:
Updated 2018-10-12: Expanded discussion below.

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"Emergence (Return to the point of departure)". Acrylics on manipulated paper, mounted on paper. 2018. 30x42 cm

Click image for large size, or read on for a brief and interesting discussion with some food for thought ...

2018.09.06 20:49 in Painting


Painting/abstract, paraphrase:
Update 2018-10-15: Interesting link added.

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"Horse" (Franz Marc paraphrase). Acrylics on manipulated paper, mounted on paper. 2018. 32x45 cm

Click image for large size or read on for details.

2018.09.05 19:07 in Painting



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"Bridge". Acrylics on manipulated paper, cut into stripes and mounted on paper. 2018. 63x46 cm

Sometimes a bridge is just a bridge. But beware; trolls live under bridges. Click image for large size.

2018.09.05 18:38 in Striped paintings