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Repetition on gold on green

Painting/drawing, concrete:

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Untitled. Acrylics and Indian Ink on specially treated paper, mounted on acrylics on specially treated paper. 2018. 58x42cm

2018.02.25 19:55

El condor pasa

Graphics/intaglio, Dry Point:

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"Condor (Vultur gryphus)". Dry Point. 2018. 18x13cm

Andean condor.

2018.02.06 11:58

Hommage a Brecht

Painting/portrait/paraphrase/fan art

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"Bertolt Brecht". Watercolour and red crayon on manipulated paper, mounted on coloured paper. 2018. 42x58cm.

Eugen Berthold Friedrich "Bertolt" Brecht (1898-1956). Read on for previous version/process.

2018.02.02 14:38

Experimental graphics (3/3)

Graphics/relief, experimental (Collography):

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Untitled. Cardboard print / relief (right) and ghost print (left). 2018. 2x ~10x15cm

Read on for a brief explanation.

2018.02.02 14:30

Experimental graphics (2/3)

Graphics/relief, concrete/experimental (Collography):

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Untitled. Gaffer Tape print / relief. 2018. ~around A5 size

Read on for a brief explanation

2018.02.02 14:20