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Palm beach

Graphics/relief (Linoleum):

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Untitled (state 1). Linoleum. 2018. ~10x15cm

(... not Palm Beach)

2018.04.10 18:32

Four something(s)

Painting (WIP): process update

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Untitled (WIP, state 6). Acylics on board. 2015- (WIP). ~100x70cm

Read on for previous states

2018.04.06 11:13

Art Brut with Picasso's skull

Painting, abstract/naive/primitive (wip)
updated 2018-04-13: new photo

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Untitled (WIP, state 6). Acrylics on pencil sketches mounted on manipulated paper, mounted on manipulated paper. 2018. 58x41cm

Read on for photos of previous states.

2018.03.22 22:15


Graphics/relief, Linoleum (+ added Collography):

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"Yellow Tang (Zebrasoma flavescens)". Linoleum. 2018. 20x15cm

Surgeonfish, sub-species Yellow Tang. Read on for yellow version...

2018.03.11 21:48

Absent painting

Painting/paperwork, concrete:

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"Partially absent painting". Acrylics on specially treated paper, mounted on acrylics on heavy paper. 2018. 58x42cm

This is not a test.

2018.03.11 21:24