... kiss my contemporary ars (this too shall pass)

Dumpster Love

Scene from a dumpster in Copenhagen; Nordhavn, June 2011.

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Untitled. Un-edited photo. Copenhagen, 2011-06.

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Red, Yellow, Blue

Scene from an underground Copenhagen jazz club.

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"Red, Yellow, Blue". Un-edited photo. Copenhagen, 2011.

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Congratulations to Christiania

Congrats to the Danish "Free Town" Christiania on its 40'eth birthday

Photo. Click for bigger size.
"Four Big Ones". Un-edited photo. Christiania, 2011.

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The Alphabet Series

Work In Progress: This is my longest running on-going photo series, started in April 2006. So far it covers 8 works with letters A to H.


"A Lamp." May 2, 2006 (taken 2006-04-27 19:10:03)

The theme(s) of the series are: Typography, Geometry, Simplicity, Time, and Limitations (7 more photos after the jump.)

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Street Art Book Q&A

Book Update: 2010-10-04

The book project has been stopped due to lack of funding.

Questions & Answers

Please send questions and comments to me using the comment form below and I'll update the list.

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