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As set in stone

Other: stone cutting / engraving:
Updated 2021-07-03: Recent photo of stone included

Click for bigger size.
Detail of stone with my contribution at center.
~ 6x4x-0.4cm. Frederikssund, DK. 2019.

This is part of a large stone engraving, intended to become a Guiness Book of Records candidate. Read on...

The "Tilted D" shaped area that lies center of the picture was engraved by me.

I did the engraving while visiting the Frederikssund Vikingespil - a three-week long festival celebrating our heritage and traditions circa CE700 to CE1200 - aka. "The Viking Age".

The stonework was/is being done on a large granite boulder/rock.

The reason I did this small detail only is that the stone as a whole is a candidate for the Guiness Book of World Records as being the stone engraving that most people have been working on.

The stone is work-in-progress at the time of writing. I do not know how many hands that have participated so far.

2021 update

Click for bigger size.
Detail of stone with my contribution bottom right.
Frederikssund, DK. 2021.

As per June 2021 it was estimated that perhaps as many as 1,000 people have contributed sofar. The stone is still work-in-progress.

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