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Comma (1996)

Drawing: In 1996 -- now 25 years ago -- I made this:

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"Comma". Oil crayons on paper. 1996. A2 size

Recently I photographed a few of my not-so-recent works. This is one.

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Knívleysur maður...

Other: blacksmithing (my first attmpt at...):

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Utility knife ("clip knife"), after archaeological find
(not polished, filed, or sharpened).
Hand forged iron. 95x25x3mm. 2019.

This knife is modelled after a (locally) well-known utility knife found by Archaeologists. Read on for information about this knife...

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As set in stone

Other: stone cutting / engraving:

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Detail of stone with my contribution at center.
~ 6x4x-0.4cm. Frederikssund, DK. 2019.

This is part of a large stone engraving, intended to become a Guiness Book of Records candidate. Read on...

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Grass cover

Other: objet trouvé/installation/land art:

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X-mas tree holders. 300x300cm (variable). 2018.

The pattern used here is most likely at least 1,000 years old.

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Spiral web

Other: installation/land art:

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Trees, string. 150x200cm (variable). 2018.

2018.06.09 17:53 in Other

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