Every wave is new until it breaks

Physical photo-manipulation, 1987

On-going for the past 26 years so far, I started this evolving (or "developing", as it is) piece up sometime in 1987.

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"Shattered memories". 1987-ongoing. Un-developed photographic paper. 30x20cm.

Two pieces of photograpcic paper with different exposure, glued onto each other. One is already fully developed, hence black. The other is slowly turning black.

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Book Update: 2010-10-04

The book project has been stopped due to lack of funding. But of course I still shoot lots of graf and street art photos.

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Book Update: 2008-12-16

I've selected around 1,400 photos for the book and will narrow it down to some hundreds.

The book now has it's own flickr account: Book flickr.

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Street Art Book Q&A

Questions & Answers

Please send questions and comments to me using the comment form below and I'll update the list.

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