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My flickr is p0wned!!!!11!!

I think that's the modern way of saying: The flickr account at is no longer mine! Somebody else may have full control over it, meaning access to all functions. I no longer have access to this account, and I have no way of getting it.

2015.07.05 22:16

Physical photo-manipulation, 1987

On-going for the past 26 years so far, I started this evolving (or "developing", as it is) piece up sometime in 1987.

Click for bigger size.
"Shattered memories". 1987-ongoing. Un-developed photographic paper. 30x20cm.

Two pieces of photograpcic paper with different exposure, glued onto each other. One is already fully developed, hence black. The other is slowly turning black.

2013.06.14 19:53

Kløvermarken by night

Unedited night photo. Hand held camera on a rainy night:

Click for bigger size.
Kløvermarken At Night. Photo. Copenhagen, 2011.

2011.12.03 07:27

Congratulations to Christiania

Congrats to the Danish "Free Town" Christiania on its 40'eth birthday

Photo. Click for bigger size.
"Four Big Ones". Photo. Christiania, 2011.

2011.10.11 00:24

The Alphabet Series

Work In Progress: This is my longest running on-going photo series, started in April 2006. Sofar it covers 8 works with letters A to H.

Click "read more" for the photos, as there are a few...

2010.10.24 14:59

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