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Mixed Media. Updated 2012-02-22: New photo.

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"Giraffe". 2013. Cardboard on masonite. 50x70cm.

2013.02.09 16:44

Happy 2013

I wish You a Happy New Year in 2013 with this little drawing I did last night:

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"Untitled". 2012. Pencil on paper. 21,5x14 cm.

For details, click image to view in large size.

2013.01.01 01:14

Orange Outlook

This is a Mixed-Media piece

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"Orange Outlook". Mixed Media, 2011. 70x50cm.

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2011.09.04 03:10

Monday. Mixed Media 2011.

The challenge for the exhibition "Picassos Venner" was to select one out of three specific Picasso paintings and make a mixed media interpretation of it. Here is my contribution:

"Monday". Mixed Media, 2011: Acrylics and cardboard on masonite (60x75cm).

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2011.08.30 01:14

A few graffiti / street art links

While some work is still going on on this site I've found a few interesting links to graffiti and street art related sites from around the world. Enjoy.

2010.10.20 20:10

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