any wave is new until it breaks

Defunct self

Mixed media (Drawing): Self portrait in a defunct state:

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"Out of Order". Ink and Acrylics on photocopy on coloured paper. 2017. Size A3.

This was drawn from memory. I did not use mirror or photo.

2017.10.10 20:26 in Mixed media

In a soft key

Drawing, non-figurative (formal/concrete):

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Untitled. Oil crayons on paper. 2017. 40x30cm.

2017.09.28 20:01 in Mixed media

Fat old sun

Mixed Media: Assemblage / "ready made" / objets trouvés (wip):

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"Sun" (WIP). Excavated Carlsberg "swastika" porcelain bottle caps with attached remains of bottles and soil, found using metal detector. Plus masonry string and bamboo stick. 2017. Variable size (~30x80).

See detail photo below.

2017.04.23 21:20 in Mixed media

Dawn is a feeling

Mixed Media: Collage / Appropriation / Decoupage:

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Untitled. Acrylics and flourescent fabric dye on various types of cardboard and paper. 2017. Around DIN A4 size.

2017.04.23 20:46 in Mixed media

Pardon my French

Mixed media (Ready-made/DĂ©tournement/Combine painting/Objet Trouve/Assemblage):

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"Pardon my French". Acorn cupule with stalk, ballpoint pen on coloured paper. 2016. ~15x7 cm.

This is a food container: Acorn cupule

2016.12.16 19:14 in Mixed media