... kiss my contemporary ars (this too shall pass)

Cardboard binder

Mixed media / Crafts: A binder made from a cardboard box.

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Cardboard binder. Cardboard, acrylics. 2018. 40x28x6 cm

Read on for photos of the outside decoration.

2018.08.11 19:45 in Mixed media

Stacked stone

Mixed media / Land art: Rock balancing.

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Balanced stone (1/2). Stones/rocks. 2018. H ~120cm

Read on for photo of stack #2 and a small discussion of the terms "stone" vs "rock".

2018.06.22 16:45 in Mixed media

Going down

Mixed media / Stencils: Cut-down sunflower.
update 2018-08-18: This building has now been demolished.

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Sunflower and hedge trimmer. Acrylics, stencils. 2018. ~200x100cm

2018.06.22 15:01 in Mixed media

Storage box

Mixed media / Crafts: Storage box for paintings, drawings etc.

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Storage box. Discarded cardboard box, paint, stencils.
2018. 56x71x12cm

2018.06.22 14:37 in Mixed media

Flower stencils

Mixed media / stencils:

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Untitled (9 stencils). Paper and cardboard. 2018. Variable measurements.

2018.06.08 18:25 in Mixed media