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More interwoven animal designs

Mixed Media / drawing (WIP): Reconstructing two more ornaments from archaeology.

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Reconstructions of ornaments from archaological finds, step 1: Outline.
2019. Variable measurements (here ~A5)

These two ornaments are both damaged. I hope to be able to recreate them. However, the photos I have to work from are neither sharp nor detailled enough to identify all details.
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Mixed Media / drawing: Three non-figurative sketches

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Three non-figurative sketches. Pencil, charcoal, paper. 2019. (3x) A3

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Mixed Media / drawing: Yet another motif from archaeology. Some readers may recognize it

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"Thought and Memory". Outline of archaological find. 2019.

As noted in the first post, interlaced patterns with stylized versions of the two ravens were very fashionable/popular from circa 400-1,000CE and some centuries onward. Read on for more examples....

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one man's trash....

Mixed; collage / objet trouvé:

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Found paper clippings and thread on white paper, mounted on acrylics on paper. 2019. ~A4 size.

This nice little thing will be for sale -- framed and all -- at:
The Kofoeds Skole Christmas market: Wednesday Dec 4, 12:00-17:00.

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IZ teh wiz!

Mixed/drawing: Just a quick sketch, nuffin special...

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"Israel Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole"
Pencil on paper (with a few acrylic paint spots). 2019. DIN A2 size.

Thank you for the music, IZ (web site, Wikipedia)

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