Every wave is new until it breaks

Torn croquis

Mixed media: Torn-paper-croquis:

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Various artists: Torn black paper. After live model. 2018.

Read on for a brief explanation.

2018.02.02 13:41 in Mixed media

Fan Art: Skatte√łen

Drawing/paraphrase/fan art:
Updated 2018-05-04: This is now in state two (no new photo yet)

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Untitled (quote/paraphrase) (state 1). Crayon on paper. 2018. 42x59cm

This is a paraphrase over the cover for the LP/CD "Skatte√łen" (Treasure Island) by the Danish artist Sebastian.

2018.01.27 22:47 in Mixed media


Painting/mixed media/collage (formal/concrete): Two paintings in one:

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Untitled (top: light from behind, bottom: light from front).
Acrylics, Ink, plastic fragments, several types of coloured and semi-transparent paper, partially mounted on fragments of non-transparent paper, again mounted on transparent paper. 2017. 70x50cm.

One painting, two states. Quantum Entanglement explained.

2017.10.10 20:52 in Mixed media

Defunct self

Mixed media (Drawing): Self portrait in a defunct state:

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"Out of Order". Ink and Acrylics on photocopy on coloured paper. 2017. Size A3.

This was drawn from memory. I did not use mirror or photo.

2017.10.10 20:26 in Mixed media

In a soft key

Drawing (formal/concrete):

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Untitled. Oil crayons on paper. 2017. 40x30cm.

2017.09.28 20:01 in Mixed media