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Poet portrait

Mixed: Drawing: Portrait

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"Benny Andersen"
Pencil on paper. 2018. 29.2x42cm (DIN A3)

Read on for previous state photo ...

2018.11.02 10:46 in Mixed media

Small wood block

Mixed media: Wood carving. Update of earlier post:

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Untitled (knot and spiral on opposite sides).
Wood carving w/paint applied, plywood. 2018. ~7x7x2cm

2018.10.30 20:34 in Mixed media

Morning, March, 2007

Mixed: Drawing:

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In Memoriam: Ungdomshuset, Jagtvej 69
Permanent marker on paper. 2007+2018. DIN A3

This was drawn as a quick pencil sketch in October 2007. Here, 11 years later I re-discovered it and replaced the faint pencil lines with permanent marker.

2018.10.05 15:11 in Mixed media

The black box

Mixed media / Crafts: An "upcycled" cardboard box (WIP).

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Storage box (W.I.P.).
Cardboard box, acrylics. 2018. 25x34x26 cm

Like so much else, there is more to this than meets the eye. Read on...

2018.08.17 14:05 in Mixed media

Cardboard binder

Mixed media / Crafts: A binder made from a cardboard box.

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Cardboard binder. Cardboard, acrylics. 2018. 40x28x6 cm

Read on for photos of the outside decoration.

2018.08.11 19:45 in Mixed media

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