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Hanging paper sculpture

Here's something new, at least for this site; a hanging paper sculpture. On the photos below it is seen from different angles, and with different backgrounds:

Click for bigger size.
Untitled. 2013. Paper, acrylics, and string. Around 100x50x50cm.

Made exclusively from discarded sketches by other artists.

2013.09.03 22:30 in Mixed media

Paper cut, early works

Recently, this old (1984-ish) paper cut of mine was re-discovered:

Click for bigger size.
Untitled. Around 1984-5. Paper cut, black paper. 30x21 cm.

I don't remember exactly when it was made, but I assume it's from around 1984-ish.

2013.09.03 15:49 in Mixed media

Portraititure, drawing

Drawing has been a life-long pastime of mine, however I haven't really published much (if any) of my drawing on this home page. So, here's a portrait drawing I did a few months ago.

Click for bigger size.
Untitled. 2013. Permanent marker on paper.

2013.08.31 16:38 in Mixed media

The power of philosophy

Drawing: Light like a feather, heavy as lead;

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"Feather". 2013. Permanent marker on paper. 22x14cm.

2013.04.04 03:20 in Mixed media


Miniature mixed media, in chrome:

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"Zip". 2013. Mixed media: Zipper, paint on masonite. 15x10cm.

2013.03.31 15:25 in Mixed media