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Copy of copy of unknown

Drawing: A (hand drawn) copy of a(n industrially mass produced) copy of an unknown persons drawing.

Click for bigger size.
"This is not a childs drawing" (paraphrase).
Indian ink and acrylics on specially treated paper. 2014. 30x40 cm.

(Size is from memory, maybe it's just A4-ish. Click image for larger photo, or read on...)

Reclaiming industrys exploitation of a childs imagination...

This is a paraphrase* over an illustration printed on a commercial product; a plastic drinking bottle with faux children's drawings on it. This is modelled after one of those drawings. I suspect that the commercial illustrator (name unknown to me) originally copied a few children's drawings.

Yes, the paper is supposed to be broken. It has been specially treated to appear in exactly that condition. I often do this.

* Paraphrase: A copy with some deviations from the original; ie. an interpretation, not an exact copy. In this case the line-work is a very close copy -- you will need a trained eye to spot the subtle differences.

2014.10.24 14:19


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