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A very old scene

Mixed/drawing: Four more postcards for sale

Updated 2019-12-02: Some food for thought added.

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Postcards (motif from rock art ("petroglyph") at Aspeberget, Tanum, Sweden)
Permanent marker on heavy paper. 2019. (4x) 10x15cm.

These postcards will be for sale at:
The Kofoeds Skole Christmas market: Wednesday Dec 4, 12:00-17:00.

All income from the sale will support Kofoeds Skole. I will receive no money myself, this is a donation.

Food for thought

Please take a close look at the figure to the left on this panel from the Gundestrup Cauldron, especially the hairstyle/headgear...

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Panel from the Gundestrup Cauldron
(peat bog find/sacrifice from Himmerland, part of Jutland, Denmark)
Hammered silver. 300CE-200BCE

Here and now I will not venture into an interpretation of these motifs. While I do have a personal interpretation of the Tanum petroglyph (top) explaining every feature of it, I have no such thoughts about the Gundestrup motif at all. The Tanum motif, IMHO, can be explained as an illustration of known Norse Mythology, while the Gundestrup motif can not. So, either the history/myth that explains the Gundestrup motif(s) has been lost, or the myth (and thus, the Cauldron) is just not Norse. My bet is on, well, both.

(minor digression: The shields carried bottom section are likely Gaelic/Celtic, not Norse (ours were round). The musical instruments right are the "Carnyx", ie. Gaelic/Celtic. The equivalent Norse instrument would be the "Lur" which is very different in design. Last, the plant (middle) does not grow in Scandinavia, afaik. Also, the artistic execution of the motifs, the "style", is not paralleled in any Norse craft or jewellery from that period that I am aware of. So, clearly the cauldron is "not made here".)

However... a cauldron may be moved vast distances, so it could be from anywhere on the globe, but Aspeberget is solid bedrock and has not moved much since at least the last Ice Age. We do not know when the petroglyph was engraved there. Still... this and the cauldron seem to have a hairdo in common? (as the only thing, afaik)

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