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Sketchbook covers

Mixed Media / Drawing: Two covers for DIY sketchbooks.

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Untitled. Pigment+water, acrylics, permanent marker on heavy paper. 2019.
L: 205x170x10mm R: 212x151x10mm

These will be FOR SALE at the Kofoeds Skole summer market june 12 (with inserted sketchbook sheets of course). The bird is an enlarged version of a live drawing I did June 2018 - the original drawing measures only 3x2cm.

2019.05.17 11:15 in Mixed media

Book of patterns

Mixed media / Crafts: A handmade sketchbook for pattern studies.

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"Pattern sketchbook". Cardboard, paper. 2019. 150x215x10 mm

2019.05.11 10:38 in Mixed media

Another cardboard binder

Mixed media / Crafts: A portfolio made from a cardboard box.

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Cardboard portfolio. Cardboard, acrylics. 2019. ~50x40x5cm

2019.05.01 17:12 in Mixed media

Cardboard portfolios

Mixed media / Crafts: Two binders/portfolios made from cardboard boxes.

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Cardboard portfolios. Cardboard, acrylics. 2019.
71x53x9 cm + 52x42x5cm

2019.04.21 17:53 in Mixed media

A prime investigation

Painting/mixed media (woven), conceptual: Exploring the use of prime numbers for pattern creation

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"foldable book of prime pattern components"
Permanent marker on paper. 2019. 18x18x1.5 cm

2019.03.07 13:32 in Mixed media

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