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Mixed / drawing: Study

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Papercut, mounted on paper. 2019. DIN A3 size

Q: Which part has the largest area, the black part or the coloured part?

2019.10.30 19:29 in Mixed media

Face job

Mixed / drawing: Study

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"Vanitas in effigy: The lady with stretched skin/no wrinkles" (study)
Pencil on paper. 2019. DIN A3 size

Somebody showed me a reproduction of this painting, dating from before the age of plastic surgery. However, that did not stop the painter from completely removing every single wrinkle, irregularity, and facial hair from the face of the model. This is not how a human being looks. If it were so; that human being would never have opened her mouth and hence never eaten or spoken. Neither would she ever have closed her eyes, nor smiled, frowned, or coined any other type of facial expression in her entire life.

2019.10.25 17:20 in Mixed media

Wayland from Uppåkra

Mixed/drawing: Reconstruction of millenium old masterpiece:

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"Wayland the smith, with wings of own making."
Brooch or buckle found 2011. Lost at Uppåkra, Sweden, ca 900CE .
Permanent maker and pencil on paper. 2019. DIN A4.

Caution: Do not use this for your designs! This is my work, it is not a copy of the Uppåkra find. It is extremely similar, but some details are very different and unique to this drawing.

2019.09.19 22:49 in Mixed media

A brief comment on Archaeology

Mixed/drawing: concrete/non-figurative/conceptual

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"Fragments and markings, possibly of cultish nature (a.k.a. The Archaeological Record)"
Acrylics and permanent marker on manipulated paper, mounted on acrylics on paper. 2019. 42x30cm.

View large (colours on the photo are a bit darker than the real thing).

2019.09.14 15:35 in Mixed media

Practice is perfect

Mixed / drawing: More practice

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Untitled study/sketch.
Pencil on paper. 2019. DIN A4 size

This is just a sketch of a random corner of a room. It serves to illustrate the point that interesting things may sometimes develop from seemingly un-interesting sources.

2019.09.06 17:16 in Mixed media

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