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Ravens Head

Graphics: Linoleum: A personal take on the ancient "Huginn & Muninn" theme.

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"Ravens Head". Linoleum on Japan Paper. 2021. (2x) 11x20cm

This was dravn in freehand direcly on the board with no gridlines used and no edits made. It was cut in one go. For this reason symmetry is not 100% accurate.

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For the line cutting I used a v-iron (#1) in stead of my usual favorite, the contour knife. I cut in one circular motion, from start to end of the loop. For the background I used a semi-broad u-iron (#3, I think).

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Linoleum board, before print. 11x20cm.

The print was made in a few versions:

  • The first version was printed on top of (/over) a non-figurative glue print in a lighter blue colour, specifically made for this purpose. I do not have a photo at the moment.
  • Then, three prints on white Japan Paper (top photo)
  • Last, one print on handmade coloured paper (below)

Click for bigger size.
"Ravens Head". Linoleum on coloured handmade paper. 2021. (2x) 11x20cm

Note: All photos were taken with a phone so the colours are a bit off. The print colour is a dark blue, and the colour of the handmade paper is a dark gray.

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