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Patterns in Blue

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Two untitled prints of the same two patterns, overlaid. Cyanotype on watercolour paper. 2021. Left: around A5 size. Right: around A4 size

For these two prints I combined the exact same two patterns, but switched their order. Read on and see photos below...

The photo below shows the pattern templates I used for the two prints above as well as pattern #1.

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Untitled cyanoprint with patterns on tracing paper. 2021. variable sizes.

You will note that the tracing paper is not fully transparent, only semi-transparent. For this reason putting one tracing paper on top of another means that one of these will print less visibly than the other.

The tracing paper closest to the photo sensitive paper will receive the best exposure and produce the clearest image, as clearly seen from these prints.

In general, distance matters. For anything you print with cyanotype, the closer it gets to the photo sensitive paper the clearer the print will become. Longer distance means less contrast, less exposure, and more blur. These effects can be used intentionally.

For the first print I put the hexagon closest to the photo sensitive paper, and the star on top. For the second print I reversed this order. Consequently, the first print has a very visible hexagon shape, and the second print a very visible star.

Below, a photo taken while both prints were still wet.

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Untitled pattern cyanoprints in wet state (process photo). 2021. variable sizes.

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