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Cyano Cat on Pattern

Graphics: Patterns and cats:
Updated 2021-07-03: Photos of series 2 included

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Four different prints using the same two components.
Top: series 2. Bottom: series 1
Cyanotype on watercolour paper. 2021. Top ~A4 size, Bottom ~A5 size

Read on for description and process photos of the "negatives"...

Just like Patterns in Blue, for these two prints I used the exact same two components, but switched their order.

Print differences

Bottom Row

There are significant differences between the finished prints. Both prints were developed using sunlight and fixated in a water bath within a two-hour period.

Possible reasons for print differences could be:

  1. The timing of the sunlight exposure may have differed,
  2. The apperance of clouds may have chnaged sun intensity and/or UV levels
  3. The two papers may have had slightly different coverage of the photoreceptive medium
  4. The drying time of the two papers before sunlight exposure may have been different
  5. Differences in washing may have left more colour on one than another
  6. One photo may have been taken at a later step of evelpment than another, or while one paper was more wet than another

Bottom Row vs Top Row

Note the significant differences between series 1 and series 2. These are due to a differences in sunlight intensity, paper coating efficiency, exposure time, rinsing, and handling of the process.

Making the print

One component is the cat image, and the other a background pattern. Before the printing both images were drawn by hand onto fully transparent plastic sheets ("overhead film"). So, the "negatives" were not made using semi-transparent tracing paper.

Below a photo of the "negatives" taken before print.

Click for bigger size.
Transparent plastic sheets with hand drawn print "negative" in permanent marker for cyanoprint. With cut-out part (left). Process photo. 2021. Variable size

When printing the image the two rightmost templates/negatives were overlaid onto the photoreceptive paper, like this:

Click for bigger size.
Two overlaid transparent plastic sheets with hand drawn print "negative" in permanent marker for cyanoprint. Process photo. 2021. ~A5 size

The only difference in print technique between the two topmost prints are that the order of the layers were reversed. For print 1 (the left print) the cat was the bottom layer, and for print 2 (the right) the pattern was at the bottom. This goes for both series 1 qnd series 2.


  • The cat was traced after the woodcut Wood Cat (2014)
  • The pattern was reconstucted by hand and visual inspection after a very small detail in a Persian miniature painting found in: S. C. Welch "Persische Buchmalerei", p 85.

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