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Milennium old pattern

Graphichs / sketch for lino print: Milennium old pattern.

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Untitled (pattern from Mosul (Iraq) dated ~1235 CE). 2019.

This pattern is from an archaeological find around Mosul.

2019.05.14 18:43 in Patterns

Star-like pattern

Graphichs / Relief (Linoleum): Pattern.

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Untitled (pattern). Linoleum. 2019. 138x94 mm

2019.05.11 10:46 in Patterns

5 hexagons


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Untitled (five prints). Linoleum. 2016. 50x30cm

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2016.02.23 18:31 in Patterns

Nine stars

Graphics (Linoleum): A combined view of the 9 "Star Tiles" made sofar:

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Star tiles #1-9. Linoleum cut. 2012-15. (9x)5x5 cm.

2015.09.24 00:43 in Patterns

Pattern, tile (4)

Graphics (lino cut): Latest Star Tile pattern:

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Untitled (Star Tile #9). Linoleum cut. 2015 (test print). (9x)5x5 cm.

For more like this one, see "Star Tile" article.

2015.06.02 22:12 in Patterns

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