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Woman With Dog

New linoleum print: "Woman with dog".

"Woman with dog". 2011. Linoleum. 15x20cm

Click the photo to see larger size (you may have to click once more after the page change to see the full size photo).

2011.10.13 19:30 in Graphics

Ant and ghosts: Lino prints

Some prints from recent linoleum cuts: These were done as a technical exercise, so the ghost scene and the ant were done mostly for the process, not for the final result. However, both turned out interesting, I think. Here are some pictures:

Linoleum print. Click for bigger size. Linoleum print. Click for bigger size.
Linoleum test prints. Click for bigger size.

More, and larger, pictures below

2011.09.19 00:24 in Graphics

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