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Norwegian light

Graphics (Relief, Linoleum): Updated 2017-09-19, new photo

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"Tromsø, Northern Norway, 09/12/2009". Linoleum. 2017. Second state. 21x15cm.

Some information here. This image shows the sky at that date somewhere in Northern Norway, I think I remember it to be close to Tromsø.

This image was hand drawn from a photo or video some time after the event. Unfortunately I don't recall the source; it could be tv, internet, newspaper. Here, eight years later, I stumbled upon the drawing and decided that I'd try carving a linoleum block of it. So, there.

The carving style is fast and relatively sloppy. There are lots of uneven lines, unevenly spaced lines, and even lines that cross contours slightly. This is a deliberate departure from my usual very controlled style. It gives a somewhat "sketchy" or "drawing-like" appearance to the print, which I like.

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