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Experimental graphics (1/3)

Graphics/intaglio, experimental:

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Untitled ('blind' self portrait using no reference/from memory). Cardboard print / intaglio (right) and ghost print (left). 2018. 2x ~5x7cm

Read on for a brief explanation.

This is an experimental self portrait, made under two/three difficult conditions: First, I did not use mirror or photo or any other type of reference. As I can't see my own face without some type of aid, I had to rely on memory.

Second, the technique were as follows: Using a stylus like pointy device the image was scratched into the surface of heavy paper. That which was "scratched away" remained the same colour as that which was not. This, coupled with sub-optimal studio lighting conditions, implied that I could not see clearly what I was doing, if at all. Essentially I might as well have done this blindfolded.

Third, the size is very small, only around 5x7cm or so.

2018.02.02 14:06


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