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Knot new, but mine

Graphics (linoleum): New knot:

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Untitled (Knot #8). Linoleum cut. 2015. (5x)5x5 cm.

2015.04.24 21:11 in Endless knots

Endless knots 1-7

Graphics: Here's a small series of "endless knots", or "good luck knots", cut in linoleum:

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Untitled. 2013. Linoleum. (7x) 5x5cm.

As for the origin(s)/inspiration; one is Tibetan, one is Arab-inspired, the rest just inspired.

2013.05.29 01:20 in Endless knots

Endless Knot I & II

Two miniature linoleum prints, technically difficult to cut. Each board measures only 5x5cm, so most lines are 1 mm thick, or less.

Click for bigger size.
Endless Knot I & II. Linoleum print. 2012. Size 5x5cm.

While I'm responsible for the cutting and printing I can't take credit for the designs as they are apparently more than 1000 years old.

Read on for more prints (patterns with these two), and the story.

2012.12.04 22:44 in Endless knots

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