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Knot number 22

Graphics (Relief, Linoleum): Introducing knot number 22:
Updated 2020-10-20: Now printed. In sanguine.

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Untitled (Endless Knot #22). Linoleum. 2020. 5x5 cm.

This has been a while underway, and the original plan (a remake of a knot from a medieval manuscript) had to be revised...

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Linoleum block. 2020.

I decided to cut a simplified version of the knot below as I discovered that it was made from two intertwined bands. As all other knots in my "Endless knots" series are one band only, this had to be reduced to one band as well.

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Left: First design for Endless Knot #22
Right: Same knot with tentative grid overlay.

This swastika like knot design is (allegedly) from the Book of Kells (Codex Cenannensis / Leabhar Cheanannais), c. 800 CE.

I use the term "allegedly" because I found the pattern in a secondary source, not in the original manuscript.

This is not a shield knot (as per my personal definition) as it fills only one requirement, ie. four identical sections. It does not have four-fold symmetry.

Also, I have discovered that this is not really "a knot" rather it is two knots, see below left:

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oversize sketch and lino block.

To the left is an enlarged line drawing of the same pattern that is on the linoleum block. Here, one line/band is black and the other is blue.

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