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Cyano Cat

Graphics: Cyanotype:
"I mørke er alle katte blå" ("In The Dark All Cats Are Blue").
Updated 2021-07-03: Photos of series 2 included

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"Cyano Cat" (series 2). Cyanotype on watercolour paper. 2021. ~ A5 size.

This is a Cyanoprint version of the woodcut Wood Cat (2014) with some experimental features.

The experimental features were two: First, leaving the background dark and second (for first print only:) a rather aggressive final wash of the last remains of the photo sensitive solution. Also, the first print (=series 1) was mirrored.

As for the dark background I wanted to convey the impression of a darkly coloured cat as seen in darkness where only very little of the cat is actually visible. So, the tone of the cat and the tone of the background was held the same.

Series 2

Series 2 has two prints, mirrored relative to the first print. This series came out mich more crisp and sharp than the first print.

First print, aggressive wash

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"Cyano Cat" (first print, experimental). Cyanotype on watercolour paper. 2021. ~ A5 size.

The second part of the experiment was a rather aggressive wash. After the exposure a cyanoprint must be washed to remove excess remains of the photo sensitive solution. I did so in a water bath, and the result was a very regular and even blue background surface (as expected).

After I had done so in the regular fashion I applied a very hard ray from a water hose to the print. This ray was so hard as to partially remove some of the colouring, and hence it provoked gradients and patterns to the background, which was not there before.

This is most clearly seen in the "u" shaped formations bottom right, as well as the very light stripe to the left of the cat.

Hard washing has to be applied with some caution as you will easily pass a "tipping point" after which you will be ruining your print rather than adding to it.

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