... kiss my contemporary ars (this too shall pass)

Polis polis, potatismos

Graphics (Relief, potato print, monotype):

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2 x untitled. Monotype (Potato print). 2019. (2x) 35x42cm

2019.03.13 18:21 in Graphics


Graphics (Relief, Linoleum):

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"Dumpster". Linoleum. 2019. (~DIN A5 size)

2019.03.10 17:27 in Graphics

Bicycles recycled

Graphics (Relief, Linoleum): Bicycles (abstract):

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Bicycles. Linoleum. 2018. 9.5x14 cm

The bikes were recycled from this.

2018.11.21 19:54 in Graphics

Happy horse

Graphics (Relief, Linoleum): Abstract:

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Untitled ("Cheval Geometrique"). Linoleum. 2018. (~DIN A5 size)

2018.11.04 18:32 in Graphics

From brooch to block

Graphics (Relief, Linoleum): A motif from around 900CE:

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Untitled (motif from 900CE brooch). Linoleum. 2018. 10.4x7.4 cm (~DIN A7 size)

Read on for info...

2018.10.30 21:17 in Graphics

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