... kiss my contemporary ars (this too shall pass)


Graphichs / Relief (Linoleum): Conceptual.

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Untitled. Linoleum. 2019. 138x94 mm


2019.05.14 18:37 in Graphics


Graphics/ Linoleum: Standing on the shoulders of giants:

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"Ful is not dead". Linoleum. 2016-2019. 80x125 mm.

Read on for story....

2019.05.01 16:31 in Graphics

Polis polis, potatismos

Woven paintings / Graphics (Relief, potato print, monotype):

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Untitled. 2 x Monotype (Potato print) - woven. 2019. 35x42cm

Read on for "before" images.

2019.04.30 18:18 in Graphics

Taking a walk

Graphics (Intaglio, Dry Point): Abstract (reprint)

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"Wanderer". Dry Point (monotype, "state 3"). 2019. ~DIN A5 size.

State 3 is a print of state 2 in blue colour on top of a state 1 print in red ocre. Read on for photos of state 1 and 2.

2019.03.31 17:07 in Graphics

Rather rough, revisited

Graphics (Intaglio, Dry Point): Abstract (reprint)

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"Rather rough". Dry Point (monotype). 2017 (print from 2019). 18x13 cm.

For this print a somewhat dysfunctional blue colour was used. The black colour that you see is probaly caused by residue from the original print. Read on for original print from 2017, in black.

2019.03.31 15:17 in Graphics

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