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Tibetan mantra

Graphics (Relief, Linoleum): A tibetan mantra (paraphrase). Tibetans please bear with me:

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Untitled (paraphrase). Linoleum cut. 2018. ~ DIN A5 size

Read on for close-up and ghost print

2018.10.11 21:24 in Graphics

Summer postcard

Graphics/relief, linoleum:

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"Sólmānuður" ("Sun Month"). Linoleum. 2018. 10x15 cm (DIN A6)

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2018.10.02 17:33 in Graphics

Woman w/dog, sunflowers

Graphics/relief (Linoleum):

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Untitled (state 1). Linoleum, dark blue. 2018. ~10x15cm

A new version of this one. Unfortunately the dog leash was too thin, it broke in the printing process. Now, I've removed it.

2018.05.29 20:54 in Graphics


Graphics/intaglio (Dry point):

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Untitled (straw). Dry point. 2018. (2x) ~10x15cm

Caution: This may break the back of your camel

2018.05.15 21:03 in Graphics

Ant invasion

Graphics (Intaglio, Dry Point): Ant motif revisited (WIP)

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"Ant" (wip, state 2). Dry Point. Test print. 2018. 18x13 cm.

Read on for previous state photo...

2018.04.25 21:45 in Graphics

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