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Come buy my stuff, Dec 13th

One day only: December 13, 2017. Specifically: Graphics. And very cheap! Read on...

This year I have donated graphics for sale at "The Social Christmas Market" which will be held at:

Location: Kofoeds Skole: Nyrnberggade 1, 2300 Copenhagen S
Time: December 13, 2017. From noon until 5-6 pm*
(* times are from memory, see link above for official information)

You will find my prints -- among other prints from various talented individuals -- for sale in the Graphics booth. Early birds will get the best prints, print prices will be equal for everyone. There will be framed prints as well as (cheaper) un-framed prints in sizes from ~A6 to ~A3 and in several different styles and colours. For those on a tight budget there will even be hand printed greeting cards.

Oh... and of course there will be lots of other interesting things at the market, in terms of crafts, clothes, ceramics, etc. - lots of unique hand-made pieces in every category. Food and non-alcoholic beverages too. It's certainly not just about me: I will not get (or, want) a single iota for my prints. All proceedings from this market will go to Kofoeds Skole in order to support their work for poor and marginalized people.

So, go there and get unique hand-made presents for the season, or just for yourself. It's all in support of a very unique and hard working institution that actually makes a difference for those unfortunate people at the bottom of society.

Oh, and did I mention that it will be cheap?

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