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Borrow my work!

Exhibitions, Painting: For the next year or so, you may borrow my work from the local art library, Artoteket:

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Four framed paintings ready for shipping.

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Not long ago I heard about the recently opened (Oct 2015, it seems) Copenhagen art library, Artoteket. It is a kind of library for paintings/art - for a very low price anyone can borrow (ie. lease) artworks for their own walls, for a period of time. I like that idea!

I was given a chance to support the library with four works, so of course I chose to do so. These paintings are now on display at Artoteket, and you can borrow them home:

Bonus: You may even buy these paintings!

I think it is so that when a work is sold it can no longer be borrowed by anyone, as now it's private property. So maybe some paintings will not be available for borrowing throughout the full year. This is a bit sad as it is the borrowing part I like the most - not that I'm against selling, only I'd rather have many pairs of eyes on my works than one pair only. But this is apparently how it works - the sales income helps to pay the rent and keep the cost of borrowing low.

Take good care of these four paintings, please. If you happen to borrow them or buy them, please be generous with them: make sure they meet as many sets of eyes as possible. Thanks.

2016.04.30 17:26 in Exhibitions

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